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Generative AI for Business

Boost your entire team now!

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Werchota Business Consulting accelerates the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) across enterprises.

You want the best course of action, you want the best head start?

Whether you need a custom GenAI strategy or an interim Chief AI Officer, our expert team is equipped to guide you through any challenges and ensure your success. Ready to accelerate your business?


Reach out to us to book a transformative consultation!

Our Services


Discovery Workshop

Dive into the world of AI with our Discovery Workshops. Tailored to your business needs, these sessions are designed to spark innovation and set the stage for strategic growth. Participants will emerge with actionable AI use cases directly applicable to their roles.


Fractional Chief AI Officer

Amplify your AI strategy with a seasoned leader at the helm. Our Fractional Chief AI Officer service provides the expertise necessary to navigate complex AI integration and leverage it for a sustained competitive edge.



Elevate individual mastery of generative AI through personalized coaching or team coaching. From prototyping to creating Minimum Viable Products, we guide your key personnel to not just understand but also effectively prompt and deploy AI solutions that drive your business forward


C-Level Training

We equip your top executives with the knowledge to harness generative AI effectively, setting a clear direction for your company's AI journey. Build a roadmap for success with strategic insights tailored to your unique business landscape.


Delivery Partner Alignment

Access our comprehensive network of technical partners ready to meet your specific needs in generative AI applications, from indexing, RAG application development, security to platforms and LLMOps.



Leverage our consulting expertise to integrate generative AI into your business seamlessly, ensuring compliance and effective scalability.

Our Clients

Our clientele is a testament to the universal application and adaptability of our services, representing a diverse spectrum of sectors and global regions. From financial institutions to educational establishments, and spanning across industries including Fortune 500 pharmaceuticals, FMCG, telecommunications, and construction, our customers reflect the broad appeal and scalability of our expertise.

Their geographic and sectorial variety underscores our ability to deliver solutions that transcend boundaries and foster growth in a multitude of environments.

Werchota Customer - Banking - LGT
Werchota Customer - FMCG - Nestle
Werchota Customer - Pharma - Novartis
Werchota Customer - Roche - Pharma

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

About Us

A cross-functional international tech-enthusiastic team!

Located in the heart of Europe, Austria, Werchota Business Consulting is a leading Business Management Consulting Firm.

Our multidisciplinary and international team has extensive experience supporting startups and large companies with generative artificial intelligence consulting services such as workshops, department deep dives, executive coaching, and fractional chief AI officer services.


With us at your side, you'll overcome obstacles and steer your company towards success.

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